You always have the opportunity to return the goods you purchased in our store within 60 days from the date of receipt (please read the return policy).

But now, we want to focus your attention on quality.

All our products and goods have multi-stage quality control. Please note that we dont sell DIY kits (as other companies and vendors do). In this way, we eliminate the chance that the product you have purchased will not be assembled correctly or will be damaged during assembly.

Moreover, we separately check the performance of the bearings and separately check the quality of the finished tires (in the case of wheels and idlers). After assembly, each wheel and idler is tested on a stand that simulates work on a 3D printer. The same applies to the bearings presented in our shop.

This means you will never receive our wheel or idler with a defective bearing or tire that is flawed to prevent it from working perfectly.

This distinguishes us from all other manufacturers and raises the quality of our products to the highest level.

Weve taken detailed and high-quality photos on the product pages specifically so that you can see the actual quality of the product you are buying. For this reason, we dont use renders of our goods and products.

We are well aware that an impeccable reputation is the most valuable thing a manufacturer and seller can have.

You can be sure that the products we create are of the highest quality and have no analogues on the market.

All bearings shown in our shop are genuine product. Weve chosen the best value for money for you with the same care as we do for ourselves.

All bearings are guaranteed for 18 months. Warranty for all other products is listed on the product page. During this period, in the event of a breakdown, the bearing can be replaced by us with a new one. Except in cases of mechanical damage resulting from improper use (which are not covered by the replacement rule).

To obtain a warranty replacement, you need to contact us in any convenient way. Please note: there may be shipping charges to your country, which we will ask you to pay in accordance with the rates set out in the shipping policy section.

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