How to ensure the stable position of your heating bed

We're (like many of you) noticed that the printer's adjusting wheels often free spin during the printing process. In this case, the heated bed loses its level and this leads to a damaged prints. Hopefully some of you will find our little tricks helpful:
- Before installing the silicone spacers (in your case, these could be springs), we're use PTFE Sealing Tape.
Only 2-3 layers can reduce the clearance between the adjusting wheel and the M4 screw. And no more unexpected unwinding!
- We are use rectangular washers with an M4 hole under the M4 nut. This solution in the best way stabilizes the heated bed from swaying during movement. Be sure to use Kapton tape to protect the surface of the heater's electrical tracks. We are highly recommend using Loctite (or analogs) for fixing M4 threads.
- Also we're found useful to be able to isolate the heat loss of the heated bed through the M4 screw. If anyone is interested, comment here and we will post about it.

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